Take Care of Dangerous Trees Without Breaking a Sweat

Trust us to be your tree removal service in Boise, ID

Before you drag out the old chainsaw to tackle that dead tree on your Boise, ID property, consider reaching out to a qualified tree removal service instead. Avoid the risk of injury and property damage by calling Apex Tree Service, LLC. No matter how tall your tree may be, we can remove it safely and efficiently. Once it's down, we'll grind it up with a specialized tree shredder.

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5 signs it's time to take down that tree

5 signs it's time to take down that tree

Dead or dying trees can pose a serious hazard. We'll remove all or part of a tree and reduce it to wood chips with our tree shredder if:

  1. It's hollow to the touch.
  2. It's infested with insects.
  3. It has dead or dying branches.
  4. It shows mold or fungus growth.
  5. It's leaning too close to your powerlines.

If you suspect a tree on your Boise, ID property might pose a threat, call 208-703-0985 right away to schedule tree removal services.